CRD Data managers

CRD Data managers’ team oversees the data inflow, updates the content, quality controls layers, communicates with data providers, and disseminates the datasets to a wider audience. They are in the key role of curating and managing all geospatial data that is published in the Climate Risk Database, and thus secures the high quality of the datasets for further usage.

CRD Data managers are a team of geospatial data experts and skilled students.

Join the team

Would you be interested in joining the CRD Data managers’ team? There might be room for enthusiastic geospatial experts to help with the data management issues. Do not hesitate to ask, please contact the overseeing CRD Data manager. Find the contact information from Community → Community groups → Data managers → Click the group.


All training materials for the CRD Data managers are gathered to the Digicampus platform. Detailed list of activities, instructions for several data management operations, and important documents are saved there. The materials are available for use any time. Digicampus platform requires a Gmail registration. - Digicampus online mini-course: CRD Data management (only for CRD Data managers) - Digicampus online mini-course: Data curation skills (for everyone interested in data curation skills)